Sharon Osbourne is back and reunited with her “old iPhone” to make a special announcement on Instagram.

The British TV personality revealed that she “couldn’t be happier” because she has a new TV show that will be airing “very soon.”

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The show’s designated TV network has yet to announce the upcoming series but once it does, Osbourne looks forward to providing more details and hearing all the “gossip” about it.

She also provided an update on her new book.

After reading the completed copy from beginning to end, Osbourne expressed how she “f**king hated it” because “it wasn’t me.”

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“It is coming. It’s just taking longer than I ever thought,” she explained on how she has to rewrite the entire book.

Also in the clip, Osbourne asks fans if they notice anything different about her as she showed off the “little bit of work [plastic surgery] done” to her face.