The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday and Jimmy Kimmel isn’t happy with one movie being left off the nominations list when it comes to Best Picture.

The former Academy Awards ceremony host ranted about the film’s snub, calling it an “unforgivable omission” in the nominee line-up.

“The biggest snub in my opinion, and I am actually even angry about this I am embarrassed to say, is the unforgivable omission of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home?'”  he said during his monologue on Tuesday night.

The target of Kimmel’s ire was largely focused on Netflix’s ensemble drama “Don’t Look Up” featuring numerous Oscar winners including Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Rylance. The film received mostly mixed-to-negative reviews from critics when it was released in December, compared to box office juggernaut and critic favourite, “No Way Home” which features “three Spider-Men”.

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“How did [‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’] not get one of the 10 nominations for best picture?” Kimmel asks. “Forget the fact that the movie made $750 million [in North America] and is still going. This was a great movie. It wasn’t in the top 10 best movies of the year? There were three Spider-Men in it. You’re telling me ‘Don’t Look Up’ was better than ‘Spider-Man?’ It most certainly was not.”

“You want to know what happened?” he surmises. “Voters looked at the list and saw the names Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep and they checked the box and then they put their kids in the car and went to see the movie ‘Spider-Man.’ And they loved it! But they didn’t vote for it.”

Having a superhero film nominated for Best Picture isn’t without precedent. “Black Panther” was previously nominated in the category.

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While Kimmel said box office popularity and good reviews don’t equal Academy consideration, Kimmel suggests not all Best Picture nominees need to “serious” in tone.

“Even if you go by the critics reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, ‘Don’t Look Up’ got a 46 per cent and ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ has 90 per cent. For god’s sake, ‘Jackass Forever’ has an 89 per cent. Why do Best Picture nominees have to be serious? When did that become a prerequisite for getting nominated for an Academy Award?” he says.