Avril Lavigne is opening up about Machine Gun Kelly And Travis Baker’s recent engagements.

Lavigne worked with both of the artists to create her new album, Love Sux, which drops on Feb. 25.

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While catching up with ET Canada, Lavigne said that she’s nothing but happy for Barker, who recently popped the question to Kourtney Kardashian, and MGK, who is newly engaged to Megan Fox.

“It’s lovely, actually,” said Lavigne. “I’m so happy for them. They’re all so perfect for each other.”

Lavigne also spoke about the process of creating her new album.

“I collaborated with these musicians. It was so easy and effortless, and I really felt they all really just got me,” she explained.

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“We’re all from the same musical backgrounds. So it just shaped up to that we all really complimented each other.”

On taking advice from Barker, Lavigne added, “Travis is the president of my record label. He’s not going to force me to do anything. He gives me his opinion, I should listen because he’s usually right.”