Brooke Shields goes topless in Jordache’s Spring 2022 campaign.

Shields, 56, last appeared in a denim shoot more than 40-years-ago, modelling for Calvin Klein when she was 15. The actress and model dished on the magnitude of her new photoshoot.

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“I appreciate it more now,” Shields told People. “It’s such an honour to be my age and be represented. I feel the magnitude of it more. There’s a knowledge that comes with age, and this feels less like a job and more like a privilege.

“It was important for you to see this is my 56-year-old body and to fight the retouching,” Shields said. “I’m always like, ‘You better keep it honest.’ And we did.”

Shields put a lot of good work in the gym ahead of her photoshoot.

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“I worked so hard with my trainer Ngo Okafor. We did 5 a.m. workouts, but I wasn’t drinking so it was easier to wake up in the morning,” she said. “I pushed it to the limit. My ego helped! I thought, “If you do these pictures and you are not happy with what you see, you’ll be hard on yourself.”