Keith Urban is having a proud husband moment. The “You’ll Think of Me” singer gave his wife, Nicole Kidman, a special shout-out after she was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category for her performance as Lucille Ball in “Being the Ricardos” on Tuesday

“CONGRATS on your OSCAR nomination today babygirl! SO proud of you & all that you poured into this dual role,” the 54-year-old singer tweeted. “Lucille AND Lucy. We REALLY lived through it with you on this one, & you gave it EVERYTHING. Here’s me FaceTiming you on set back in April 2021. Loving you always.”

Along with the sweet message, Urban shared a picture from a call with his wife while she was in full costume.

After receiving her nomination, Kidman released a statement, saying, “WOW!  I’m so overwhelmed! Just having breakfast with my family when the nominations came in. What a beautiful way to find out!  I share this with them, Javier, JK, Nina and with ALL the cast and Aaron Sorkin, as this is ours together.”

“This was the hardest role I’ve ever done and to be honored this way is deeply appreciated.  And to Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr, thank you for trusting me with the opportunity to inhabit your mother,” she added. “Lucille Ball is one of Hollywood’s greatest icons. She was ahead of her time. From actress to producer to studio head, mother and wife, she’s an extraordinary inspiration!  Thank you Lucille Ball. And to everyone who worked on this film both in front of and behind the camera during, our passionate and hardworking crew, Amazon, Todd Black, Aaron Sorkin, this nomination is ours to share!”

In December, the 54-year-old actress revealed that she almost didn’t said no to the role. “I wasn’t initially [anxious],” Kidman said on “Live With Kelly and Ryan“. “Initially it’s like, Aaron Sorkin wrote this screenplay that you read and you cannot put down. And I say to people, ‘If you can get your hands on this screenplay, read it, because it’s such a good read.’ It’s as good as a great novel.”

She added, “When the reality of playing her hit me, I went, ‘What have I said yes to?’ To which I then went, ‘Oh no, I’m not right. Everyone thinks I’m not right, so I’m going to try to sidestep this.'”

Thankfully, Kidman took on the challenge, and in December, she spoke with ET about transforming for the role and the challenges that came with stepping into the shoes of the iconic comedian.

“I think that demystifying [her], that’s where I was lucky that [director] Aaron Sorkin felt so confident in what he’d written, and what he was doing was the story he wanted to tell,” Kidman expressed. “That’s the great thing about being an actor, is you actually are in the hands of the director. We’re not the person controlling or steering it, so if he wants it, that was what he wants. That was what he stated from the very beginning, ‘I want you to humanize her. Make them real.'”


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