Mario Cantone says cancel culture has everyone on their toes.

The comedian appeared on the “Allison Interviews Podcast” to talk about his career, being a gay man in Hollywood, and the way cancel culture has changed the new generation.

“You can’t say s**t anymore. You can’t say anything. They come after you. I wouldn’t want that job. I would never do it,” Cantone shared. “Joy [Behar] has stuck her foot in her mouth. Whoopi [Goldberg] is one of my closest friends. I adore her, and Joy is too.”

Goldberg was suspended from “The View” recently after controversial comments about the Holocaust.

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“Let’s be truthful about it because Holocaust isn’t about race. It’s not about race. It’s not about race. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man,” Goldberg said on the Jan. 31 episode of the show.

She’s currently suspended for two weeks for her “wrong and hurtful comments” a memo read.

“I didn’t see what Whoopi said, but I know she’s not an anti-semite. Period. She has a heart of gold. She stands up for everything,” he said of his friend. “This cancel culture has ruined entertainment, the world, and comedy. I don’t understand this world anymore, and that is why I don’t really want to do standup anymore.”

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Cantone cited his friend Judy Gold who said it’s impossible for comedians to predict whether content they joke about could trigger someone’s trauma. He agreed with her point and suggested the attitude of the new generation could be a result of Donald Trump’s time in the office.

“You know what I want to say to these kids? Toughen the f**k up. The world is not easy. It’s the cause and effect of having Trump in office,” continued the comedian. “The piggish things that he would say have caused the opposite effect in the extreme liberal world where they shut it down, every little thing someone says. They don’t allow a teachable moment.”

The 62-year-old was a frequent guest on “The View” and even stepped in as a guest co-host in 2005. Despite rumours of enlisting him as permanent host, he revealed it was never in the cards.

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“At the time that I was doing ‘The View’ a lot of people asked me, ‘Were you really being considered as a permanent co-host?’ No, but it was big press for me. I ran with it at the time, but it’s a woman’s show,” he explained. “That is the way that Barbara Walters wanted it, and that is the way Whoopi wanted it.”