John Mayer wants to pay tribute to Bob Saget in the best way he knows how.

Mayer recently appeared on SiriusXM and talked about his late friend, Bob Saget. Mayer told Andy Cohen that he is working on a song about Saget.

“I have this song that’s my friend, sort of my little collection plate for ideas or thoughts I have about Bob,” Mayer said. “I put it in the plate and keep working on the song. I work on it when I’m in the car and driving. I know how the song goes.

“This song that I have is very much this connected tissue I have to him, and I just keep working on it.”

Mayer expressed how much love he has for Saget.

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“You just discover what is more to be loved in this lifetime and that was Bob’s whole thing,” Mayer said. “Bob knew how much I loved him mostly because I said, ‘I love you too.’ And he engendered that relationship with us. I would not have said it to him as much if he had not said it to me first repeatedly.”

“I loved that guy so much. That one was just no question. There are some times when we lose someone and we ask ourselves, ‘What’s my appropriate level of being upset? Where do I stand here in my level of upset?’… “That one was right over me. That was someone that everyone knew, that in real time was like, this is one of my favorite people in the galaxy, and I’m proud of this relationship.”

Mayer spoke sparingly during his Super Bowl week concert, but the singer let his music do most of the talking – until one moment when he made sure a concertgoer was safe.

Mayer performed a series of his songs Wednesday night from “Last Train Home” to “Wild Blue” as the headliner at the SiriusXM and Pandora’s “Small Stage Series”. He jammed onstage with his guitar in front of a packed crowd – which included Heidi Klum and Vanessa Hudgens – at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

Small Stages – which launched in August 2021 — has had some success so far during the pandemic with past performances by Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, H.E.R., Brandi Carlile and J. Cole.

The Grammy winner asked attendees if his show was their first during the pandemic and many within the crowd screamed “Yes.” He thanked the first-time pandemic concertgoers before he went into “Love on the Weekend,” a hit from his 2016 album “The Search for Everything.”

“After a couple years, with so many changes and so many new things to watch and read and listen to and play, you still came out to see this show,” he said. “That means a lot.”

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Mayer performed several songs from his latest album “Sob Rock,” including “Last Train Home” and “Shouldn’t Matter but It Does.”

The concert was going smoothly until Mayer stopped the show after he noticed that a woman lost consciousness in the crowd. He was in the middle of performing “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” before he calmly paused the music and asked about woman’s wellbeing.

As the lights came up, Mayer told the crowd he would momentarily step off stage before the woman was safely escorted out in a wheelchair.

When Mayer returned, he told the audience: “Anyone in the crowd who was worried, I’m told she waved goodbye, so she’s OK. The system works. Thank you very much.”

Mayer resumed his show with his hit song “Waiting on the World to Change.” He performed for another 30 minutes before he closed out his set.