“Death On The Nile” is ramping up to be a blockbuster but it won’t be shown in Lebanon or Kuwait.

The film, which stars Tom Bateman, Annette Bening, Russell Brand, Kenneth Branagh, and more, has been banned from the two countries due to Gal Gadot’s involvement.

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Before becoming an actress and model, Gadot served her mandatory two years in the Israeli military. With Gadot’s connection to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the countries won’t show any of Gadot’s films due to frequently being at war with Israel.

Gadot’s “Wonder Woman” films were all blocked, with Qatar following suit in 2017.

According to Deadline, “Death On The Nile” will show in other Middle Eastern and Arab Gulf countries but no requests were made by Lebanon or Kuwait.

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Gadot has been outspoken about her support for her country and had to disable Twitter comments in 2021 when she tweeted about the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Notably, “Death On The Nile” is one of the last films to feature Armie Hammer, as his sexual assault claims were publicized after filming. There was speculation he would be cut from the film but he appears in the trailer and is named in the credits.

“Death On The Nile” will open in Canadian theatres on Feb. 11.