Owen Wilson has a cute story to share about his mom Laura on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Wilson is asked whether he’s a romantic, given he’s starring in the new rom-com “Marry Me”, and shares that he “appreciates a romantic story.”

The actor then reveals how his mom Laura, now 82, actually tied the knot when she was 80.

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He tells DeGeneres, “My mom recently got married at age 80 to a very nice guy and I think that’s a very romantic story and the idea that you can find love at any age.

“I think that’s a very nice story.”

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Wilson also chats about filming a new movie about ghosts in New Orleans, and shares his thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals.

When asked whom he’s backing, he jokes he doesn’t want to say the Rams because then they’ll most likely lose.

See more in the clip above.