Shannen Doherty is sharing her thoughts on “cancel culture” in a lengthy new Instagram post.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum begins by acknowledging that it’s been awhile since her last post. “Obviously I’ve had some battles to fight. Some not done yet,” she said, apparently addressing her ongoing battle with breast cancer.

“I’ve also just been in observation mode. Observing what our world is becoming. What my country is becoming and listening,” she continued.

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“I do have a lot to say. I have strong opinions on it all, even in the ridiculous cancel culture we live in, I still will always have my own opinion regardless of what others think,” she added. “I am trying to figure out my own voice and how to express it.”

Doherty wrote about witnessing “so much hatred and pain. Animals being poached. Game reserves dehorning rhinos just to keep them alive. Lions raised for their bones, morons hunting what they don’t eat. People dumping animals at shelter because it no longer fits their lifestyle. Babies being dumped in dumpsters. Homeless situation growing. War on the horizon. People left behind. Human rights over looked. Cancel culture….so over it.”

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Added Doherty: “We are entitled to our opinions. We do NOT all have to think the same. It’s disturbing that anyone feels compelled to be silent in fear of repercussions (unless you’re a racist a** then yeah be quiet) but we are human. We think, feel, believe differently and that should be valued by all. Again, I’m just thinking, listening, observing. And maybe, just maybe contemplating doing a truly honest podcast about it all cause i am tired of only two voices. Their is a third. Even a fourth. For now, I wish you all peace, compassion and respect for ALL living things.”

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