Seth Rogen has some real dating horror stories.

On Monday night, the “Pam & Tommy” star was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and spilled the beans on his worst-ever date.

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“I was terrible, I was a bad dater,” Rogen told Kimmel. “I had terrible experiences dating women and I think the women who dated me also did not have the best experiences.”

The 39-year-old recalled one particularly bad date from his 20s with a woman he had been seeing only casually. The two went out to eat for his birthday, and he decided to ask whether they should go official as a couple.

“I asked her around when the appetizers were arriving and she said no. And then I started crying. I was like, ‘We need to eat; we can’t leave.’ She was like, ‘It’s your birthday,'” Rogen said.

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“I had to sit there and this poor woman had to sit there with me as I wept into my truffle mac and cheese,” Rogen added, joking that the audience should always make sure to ask important relationship questions at the end of a meal.

Thankfully for Rogen, his dating life worked out. In 2004 he began dating Lauren Miller, and the two went on to get married in 2011.