Andrew Whitworth drops by an upcoming edition of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, where the Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle opens up about the team’s win at this year’s Super Bowl.

While host Ellen DeGeneres admits she was nervous throughout the game, Whitworth says she wasn’t alone. “You and me both,” says Whitworth in a sneak peek at the episode, which airs Thursday, Feb. 17. “I got pretty nervous during that game,” he added. “All the ebbs and flows of a big game like that… you have to keep riding the waves and keep waiting for an opportunity to find a way to win.”

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As DeGeneres points out, the recent retirement of Tom Brady has made Whitworth the oldest player in the NFL. “I am a 40-year-old lineman in the NFL… the only one right now,” he says, admitting it’s “a little harder on the body, that’s for sure.”

Asked if he’s contemplating retirement, and if the Super Bowl may be his last game, Whitworth says he hadn’t yet come to any decisions. “Now that the game’s over with, I’ll get the chance to in the next couple of weeks to sit down with [coach] Sean McVay and our management with the Rams, and do what’s best for them, and for me, and my family… we’ll see what happens in the next month. It’s quite a process…”

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During his visit, Whitworth and DeGeneres also throw footballs at targets in order to raise $10,000 for the St. Joseph Center, courtesy of TisBest.