Julia Garner understands how “dangerous” fame can be.

The star of “Ozark” and Netflix’s new series “Inventing Anna” has thrown Garner into the spotlight as she plays the fake heiress who scammed millions of dollars from New York elite.

“I think fame is gross to be honest,” Garner told The New York Times. “To have it be an unhealthy higher power, I think that’s dangerous… so much so that look what happened with Anna.”

She added, “I never thought I had anything interesting to say. It’s weird that people are asking you all these questions.”

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The real Anna Sorkin was convicted of four counts of theft services, three counts of grand larceny and one count of attempted grand larceny in 2019. She is currently serving a four to 12 year sentence.

Garner went to visit Sorkin in prison and recalled the meeting to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

“I went to go and visit her in jail and she was like ‘So, uh, how’s the shoot going?’ I said it’s going well and she asked, ‘How are you playing me? What are you doing with my character?'” Garner recalled.

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“‘I didn’t know what to do and just started mirroring what she said and she was like [giggling], ‘That’s so funny!'” Garner added.

“Inventing Anna” is on Netflix now.