Michelle Dockery and Michael Fox have gone from the sets of  “Downton Abbey” to a recording studio.

Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, and Fox, footman Andrew Parker, signed a deal with Decca Records and have a four song EP The Watching Silence, that will be released in May.

The two, who will be known as Michael and Michelle, recorded the EP, which sees both sing and play the guitar, last year.

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“There was something about that time after the series [Downton] had ended … About looking at something with fresh eyes and feeling nervous about what’s ahead,” Dockery said. “Then suddenly we were just writing music.”

She added, “It’s a whole different set of skills and vulnerability; Acting tends to start with what’s already written on the page. Music can begin anywhere. It’s different and very freeing.”

Fox said, “I will always love acting but there is something about us, some part of our characters that we haven’t fully realised – and that’s happening now.”

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Both Fox and Dockery have already dabbled in music with Dockery performing at the London Jazz Festival and Fox releasing both indie folk and electronica records.

The news come as the trailer for “Downton Abbey: A New Era” was released ahead of the theatrical release on May 20.