Mark Wahlberg can apparently be very convincing.

On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the “Uncharted” star shared the story of the time he pranked comedy legends Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, and Albert Brooks into thinking his friend was a prince.

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He explained that he was out to dinner with his friend and son when he spotted the three Hollywood icons and decided to secretly pay for their meal. But in a bit of a joke, Wahlberg had his friend pretend to be the one who picked up the tab.

Crystal, Reiner, and Brooks didn’t know who the friend was, though, which led Wahlberg to concoct the prank.

“I said, ‘Tell them you’re a rare prince,’” he recalled. “Because he has all these jewels on and we’re dressed up to go to Sunday dinner.”

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The ruse apparently worked brilliantly, with Crystal even giving Wahlberg’s friend a hug.

Wahlberg told the trio that his royal friend was there working with him on a business deal involving the oil and gas industry. When the comedians asked if they could get in on the deal, Wahlberg shut them down.