Laverne Cox isn’t afraid of aging anymore.

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the actress talks about her upcoming 50th birthday.

“You have a birthday coming up,” DeGeneres notes. “Happy advance birthday, and do you want to tell people how old you are. Do you care?”

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“My birthday is May 29, and I will be turning 50 years old,” Cox says to applause. “And I’m still on the fence about whether I want to do a big party, but the thing is, this would be the first… because I started lying, being elusive about my age in the year 2000.”

She explains that she was 28 and dating a guy who was 21, who broke up with her because she was “too old,” so she just started lying about her age online and on dating apps.

Cox also describes “freaking out” and feeling “anxiety” when IMDb figured out her real age, so she started talking to her therapist about it.

“The first time I said my real age out loud was at a speaking engagement in Texas in 2019, and I thought the sky was gonna fall,” she says.

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Also on the show, the guest plays a game of “Can tWitch and Laverne Dance… with What’s Behind Them?”

In the game, the pair have to follow the dance moves of various videos projected on the big screen, including two stuffed bears busting a move, a pair of river dancers dressed in green, and a twerking dog.