Candace Cameron Bure is still reeling from the loss of “Full House” co-star Bob Saget.

The actress appeared on “Fox News” this week to share her memories of the actor who played her dad on one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.

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“I’m doing OK. It’s been a little over a month. And, you know, there’s days that are great and days that it just hits you,” she said after being introduced with an old clip from the show. “But even hearing that clip from ‘Full House’, it just brings back so many memories. And that’s when it grabs me. It’s a little hard to hear those clips.”

Asked if she’s been in contact with Saget’s family, Bure replied, “I have. Yes, I keep in close contact with Kelly. And, you know, it’s been difficult these past couple of weeks because of more things that have come out. And there’s a lot of questions. And I’m trying honestly not to think about it in the sense that I just want to remember Bob and what a kind and loving and amazing person that he was. And let it be that.”

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Remembering what Saget was like on-set, Bure said, “He always carried his emotions right at the surface in the best of ways. He was so emotionally available. And he just always let you know that he loves you. Every text, every phone call, every moment in person, he would give you the biggest hug. And he always let you know how much he cared about you. And that is such an incredibly powerful gift that he gave.”