Avril Lavigne joins fellow Canadian music icon Shania Twain to discuss everything from the time they met to their favourite anti-love songs, which includes a hit from another “Canadian icon club member,” Alanis Morissette.

On the latest episode of “Home Now Radio” on Apple Music Hits, Twain says she’s “super proud” of Lavigne and compliments her “really cool niche.”

“I think it’s just really unique that in a very male-centric genre, you are, I mean, the queen of pop punk,” Twain tells Lavigne.

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The “Sk8er Boi” singer takes the “awesome” compliment and thanks the country superstar for helping her get discovered as a young artist in Canada.

“I was 14. I was in a tiny little town in Canada and we heard an opportunity on the radio station to sing with you, on the “Come On Over” tour. ‘Win a chance to sing with Shania on stage’ and I happened to win that,” Lavigne recalls.

“I remember going back to high school and everyone’s like, ‘You sang with Shania Twain on stage.’ Everyone knew who I was and that was so helpful for me, to helping me get discovered,” she continues.

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Now the Grammy Award-nominated artist is about to release her seventh album, 20 years after her musical breakout.

According to Twain, Lavigne “nailed [the album] lyrically,” adding that Love Sux “totally kicks a** in the attitude department.”

As for how much of Lavigne’s own individual attitude goes into the songwriting, the singer explains that the songs are more about the concept.

“I’ll come up with a concept. I’ll start the song at my house on the guitar. I’ll take it into the studio, and then my producer will help me finish it lyrically… we shape it together,” she explains.

Sometimes other people bring in concepts, like Lavigne’s latest collaborator Machine Gun Kelly, who is featured on the album’s upcoming track “Bois Lie”.

She discusses how the “whole album’s about self-worth and self-love,” like the first single off the record, “Bite Me”.

“That song is just not giving a guy a second chance who doesn’t deserve it, because he didn’t treat me well and saying a big goodbye and moving on,” Lavigne said, adding that it’s basically a “big F-you” that says, “I’m going to be the one who got away.”

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When discussing their favourite anti-love songs, Lavigne says that “a good anti-breakup song” from a band she loves is All American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell”. She also thinks “Taylor Swift is perfect” noting that her favourite Swift song is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. She listed Fall Out Boy’s “Thanks for the Memories”, as well as Alanis Morissette a.k.a. “the Canadian queen of angst”‘s “You Oughta Know”.

“She’s just so intelligent and poetic with her song lyrics,” Lavigne says about Morissette.

Twain “took us back a little bit” with her anti-love song choices, listing her “favourite rock male vocalist ever,” Dan McCafferty’s “Love Hurts”, which she calls her “favourite rock ballad of all time.”

“Adele is definitely up there with the number of anti-love-based songs, for sure,” Twain adds.