The cast of “And Just Like That…” is spilling details to Andy Cohen about the “Sex and the City” spin-off.

Kim Cattrall’s absence was noticeable throughout the season even if her character Samantha was woven into the storyline. Cohen asked Sarah Jessica Parker about how they were able to bring the “pitch perfect” tone of Samantha to the screen.

“Samantha wrote it,” Parker joked. “Anyone can take this on, but what I wanna say is that there’s this fourth person, and she’s absent from their lives. I feel like every new person that joined us [had] a piece of [her.]”

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“Like everybody brought a piece of Samantha unknowingly. Everyone was like, ‘You’re the new Samantha.’ We were like, ‘No, no, they’re the new Seema. They’re the new Nya.’ So I think we all feel like even if we weren’t sure that ultimately the way it was threaded through, it felt really right, but everybody else speak to it,” Parker added.

Kristin Davis agreed, noting that “to have her be a presence that was respectful and also have us deal with what that’s like to have someone who’s gone from your life” was a big part of the story.

“Unfortunately, that is something that does happen in life. People separate for different reasons and you lose friends and that’s a hard thing that’s very rarely written about. So I felt like it was respectful and I relate to it certainly,” Davis continued.

Cohen questioned Cynthia Nixon and Davis if Cattrall reached out about how Samantha was portrayed but it was a hard no from both.

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And as for any news on a season two of “And Just Like That…”, Parker teased, “Well, I’d love nothing more than to give you the scoop.”

Adding, “But I think it would be premature. But you know, I think it’s a healthy, enthusiastic conversation.”

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