The stars of “Killing Eve” are saying goodbye.

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are featured on the new cover of Parade magazine, and in the issue they remember the first time they met in 2017.

“I remember it exactly!” Oh says. “The room was completely empty and the size of a small child’s bedroom. [Comer] came in with a wheeled suitcase looking a little lost. I said, ‘Oh, you must be Jodie!’”

Comer recalls, “Sandra was so warm and generous. I came away feeling like I [had done] this incredible acting workshop. Like, what we had together was so great.”

“There was chemistry,” Oh adds.

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Talking about why “Killing Eve” has been such a success, Oh says, “It’s really a portrait of two women trying to be whole. And along the way they discover that trying to be whole has something to do with each other.”

Comer recalls first sitting down to read the “Killing Eve” pilot and how completely it grabbed her.

“I couldn’t put the script down,” she says. “It made me laugh and really surprised me. It was weird in a wonderful way, and there was something fresh that people hadn’t seen before. I loved that Villanelle was so unapologetic about who she was.”

On bringing the show to a compelling conclusion, Oh says, “We were very aware we were shooting the final season and approached it with a lot of care and openheartedness. And I have to say, part of the process was me trying to let it go.”

“I became so overcome,” Comer adds. “Like, I can’t believe all the incredible people we’ve met and all the experiences we’ve gone on together over these five years. It was really moving.”

“Killing Eve” was only the latest successful series for Oh, who is also well known for her role in the megabit series “Grey’s Anatomy”

“It’s very challenging to describe to people the immense change that happens when one becomes famous,” Oh says. “You have to say goodbye to something that you used to know, and it’s very emotional.”

She continues, “It’s one thing to be a successful actor, and it’s another thing to be on a hit TV show. I didn’t want to be a part of that. The loss of anonymity as a person and as an actor has consequences. For me, it became isolating.”

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Asked if she sees herself making any future appearances on “Grey’s”, Oh shuts down the possibility, saying, “it’s an unfortunate ‘no.'”

Meanwhile, with her own newfound success, Comer admits, “I don’t think the feeling of ‘This will be my last job’ ever goes away. There’s a constant fear, which I don’t think is a bad thing because it means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone in a new way. You never want to feel too comfortable.”

The duo were also asked to name some of their favourite things, including their favourite movies — Oh says “Casablanca”, while Comer says “Billy Elliot”.

And their go-to meals? “Pesto pasta made from scratch. I get the basil leaves and the seared scallops and asparagus,” Oh says, while Come adds, “I make a really good chicken curry.”