Channing Tatum is planning to make the stripper movie to end all stripper movies.

The actor chats with Graham Norton on the latest episode of his talk show about the upcoming third “Magic Mike” movie.

Tatum admits, “I wasn’t really planning to do it again, but we did a few live shows and what we learnt about men and women in that space was really fun stuff, so we decided to make a third movie.

“Our goal is to make the Super Bowl of stripper movies and leave it all out there so there never needs to be another stripper movie again!”

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He also talks about making his directorial debut with his latest movie “Dog”.

Talking about the canine-buddy road trip storyline, he says, “It’s just a good little dog movie and I am very proud of it. We didn’t make ‘The Godfather’, but it is good.

“It’s not a sad movie, it’s more emblematic of my life with my puppy Lulu but it’s the first film I have made where everyone begs me to know the ending before they go and see it. I think ‘Marley and’ Me really scarred a lot of people and I have to tell them that the dog doesn’t have a horrible ending!”

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Tatum adds of being in the director’s seat and starring in the flick, “When you are working on a movie you’re constantly going, ‘I think I could do this,’ and you constantly have opinions but when you get in the seat it’s like ‘Oh my god, what have I done?’ I definitely bit off a lot, but we got it made.”

This episode of “The Graham Norton Show” airs Saturday, Feb. 26 at 11 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. PT on BBC First in Canada.