Mary J. Blige admits she hasn’t always been the best at celebrating herself.

The singer told “The View” hosts on the Feb. 18 episode that it’s a process she’s had to learn.

“Success is peace of mind,” Blige explained. “Knowing how to treat myself and others and enjoying everything.”

She continued, “Not spitting in God’s face and being negative about who I am. It’s a process every day.”

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That process was also about learning to take care of herself daily, as she added, “Learn how to love myself every day and accept everything about me. That’s success for me.”

That new attitude and self-love is something the 51-year-old brought with her to her new album Good Morning Gorgeous.

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“The title came from a place when I was in a lot of bondage, in a dark place, and I had to learn how to speak positive affirmations and positive things over my life to get out of this dark situation,” said Blige. “At the time I got to write an album, I was already ‘butterflying’, I was already out of the cocoon. I was able to speak from a place of honesty.”

The star added she was incredibly proud of the album and to show the world she was a “butterfly” now.

Good Morning Gorgeous was released on Feb. 11.

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