Niall Horan is on the mend after getting sick on a recent flight.

The former One Direction singer shared that airline staff had to care for him as he flew from L.A. to London.

“Thank you to the staff on that @British_Airways flight. I was extremely ill and they took such good care of me. ❤️” Horan tweeted on Thursday.

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British Airways read the tweet and responded, “Thanks for your lovely comments about the care you received from our crew on your flight, Niall. We’ll be sure to pass on your thanks to them.”

Horan didn’t detail what made him so ill but a source on the flight told the Daily Mail he had to be escorted off the plane upon arrival.

“He seemed fine when boarding and early on in the flight, but later on had wet, cold towels around his head and neck. On final descent he was vomiting quite violently,” the source said. “The crew were indeed superb, could not have done any more for him, and called ahead for BA Special Services to meet him on the plane and escort him through the border and to baggage reclaim.”

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Once at baggage, Horan seemed to be doing “a little bit better” and signed autographs for the source and their friend.