You might never hear The Beatles the same.

Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes recently shared on their “Smartless” podcast a pun that has gone over most people’s heads.

Speaking of The Beatles documentary, Bateman let viewers in on the band’s name. Referencing Hayes, Bateman said, “This ding dong didn’t understand that The Beatles, spelled B-E-A-T, like the beat, like one makes a beat with music.”

“I did not know that. Isn’t that so stupid?” Hayes responded.

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Bateman detailed that if it was like the bug, it would be B-E-E-T, but the band used a musical pun.

Penn Badgley later weighed in on Twitter, sharing that he also didn’t know this.

“I stand with @SeanHayes for I, too, didn’t know the Beatles’ name was wordplay. After all this time I just… never thought about it. And I do think a lot,” the “You” star tweeted.

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“Furthermore, as a pun: I’m not crazy about it. I don’t love it. I want my ignorance back. It changes things for me,” he added.