Ben Stiller has spent more time behind the camera rather than in front and is now explaining the reason why.

“I think, for me, over the years, I’ve gotten better at it and really understanding how to prioritize what’s important in my life, on both sides. But it’s definitely been a challenge for me, for a long time,” the “Zoolander” star told Yahoo! Entertainment.

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After acting in and directing films like “The Cable Guy” and “Reality Bites”, Stiller made the choice to stick with one.

“And I really decided recently, or probably about five years ago, that I didn’t wanna do that anymore and just do one thing at a time,” Stiller added. “And lately I’ve been exploring projects [and] making things as a director and producer, and I’ve been very happy with that. But I really do look forward to acting again one of these days.”

“It’s been a few years [since I acted],” he continued. “It hasn’t been totally intentional except I really do enjoy directing and producing. I am getting to the point now where I am kind of missing acting a little bit and would like to figure out how to do something again.”

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Stiller most recently directed Adam Scott in “Apple+”‘s “Severance” about employees that have all agreed to bear a surgical procedure called Severance that detaches memories of one’s work life from their personal life.

The first two of nine episodes drop Feb. 18 on Apple TV+. New episodes of “Severance” will be released every Friday.