Egypt Sherrod is not standing for body shaming.

Sherrod, currently seen alongside husband Mike Jackson in HGTV Canada’s “Married to Real Estate”, recently responded to a rude social media comment claiming that she’d had her “booty done,” sharing the screenshot on Instagram alongside some comments of her own.

“I mean…. I am just gonna let this sit right here for a minute because I have absolutely NO SHAME about my body,” she wrote.

“Body shaming is something we should never do, especially when you have no idea what your talking about,” Sherrod continued. “When you have a baby over 40 it hits different. You don’t just snap back. Especially because I couldn’t breast feed since the docs had to dry me out due to fluid in my lungs. So YES I am dragging a continent behind me. And it is what it is… Deal with it!”

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Sherrod also clapped back at accusations that she’d had her breasts surgically enhanced.

“And NO I did not get implants,” she added. “I actually got a reduction. But the damn things grew back after Harper. And YES one day I may get a mommy makeover. But IF I do, it is my decision and I will NOT be shamed over it.”

She concluded by adding a barrage of hashtags, adding, #DealWithIt, #RealWoman, #CurvesInAllTheRightPlaces, #KickRocks and #ThickWomenCount.