Meghan McCain is taking issue with new “Sex and the City” reboot, “And Just Like That…”

In her recent DailyMail column, the conservative pundit wrote, “The problem with the new series is the clumsy attempt to reformat the show into the woke and puritanical times we are living in.”

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She continued, “Carrie now plays the part of the ‘cisgender woman’ on a podcast with younger co-hosts. One of them is — of course — queer and nonbinary. Because it’s so boring and un-evolved to be a straight white woman.”

McCain also claimed that today’s shows are “clearly concerned about angering the wrong people, being politically incorrect, or not sufficiently progressive.”

Speaking to Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM show on Saturday, actress Cynthia Nixon defended the series.

“[Sex and the City] became so beloved — reruns for all those years,” she noted. “I feel like people have watched it, and they know it so well, inside and out.”

Nixon, who plays Miranda Hobbes, continued, “Because people know it so well, they have enshrined it in nostalgia. But this is a show that has always pushed every kind of boundary. I think that that’s what’s so magnificent about the new show – about how many different directions we’re going with that, and pushing boundaries and shaking people up.”

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She added, “And most importantly, shaking the characters up. We don’t want to see these characters… comfortable. We want to see them out of their comfort zones.”

“And Just Like That…” features a number of diverse new characters, including non-binary podcast host Che Diaz, who is played by Sara Ramirez.