The stars of Global’s “Celebrity Big Brother” are patching things up.

Following his eviction from on Sunday night’s episode, Carson Kressley took to Instagram to offer an apology to co-star Shanna Moakler for doubting her commitment to their alliance.

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Despite their alliance, Kressley had been convinced by players Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall to vote for Moakler’s eviction.

In an Instagram post, Kressley opened up about his regret at making that decision, and apologized to his co-star.

“I met Shanna in 2008 when we worked together on CROWNED and loved her. I NEVER should have assumed she was playing me,” he wrote. “Shame on me ! I am sorry I trusted others who I thought were friends but only intended to dupe me for their own benefit.”

“I turned against not only Shanna , but my own values of friendship. Like @juliechenmoonves said, I should have trusted actions over words and I learned a valuable life lesson,” Kressley continued. “@shannamoakler I owe you a huge apology for this terrible mistake and I look forward to telling the world the same on Wednesday night.”

In her own post on Instagram, Moakler accepted Kressley’s apology.

“You have always had a huge heart and a kind soul,” she said. “All my interviews stated how I hoped you’d be in the house and we would get the chance to play together! I got that chance, I can’t say my feelings were not hurt and my last days in the house sad, but i do understand it’s a game. Thank you for the kind words and acknowledgment.”

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She added, “Thank you for being the class act I always knew you were and I’m still taking you up on that pedicure!”

In the comments on Kressley’s post, former “Big Brother” star Ross Matthews wrote, “You are LOVELY and so kind ALWAYS. This is just a game. It’ll all be okay. And side note – you were also HILARIOUS in the house, too! Love you big time.”

Another former “Big Brother” houseguest, Frankie Grande, added, “Aw my heart! Big brother is an insanely difficult and cut throat game even for those of us who entered that house as super fans so I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you to see what was happening while being inside it. You were manipulated so forcefully and I was screaming at my TV BUT you never lost yourself, your character, or your loving heart.”

The next episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” airs Monday at 9 p.m. on Global.