Playing Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick doesn’t mean Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on his side.

On Monday night, the actor appeared on Global’s “The Late Show” and talked with host Stephen Colbert about his new series “Super Pumped”, which depicts the rise of Uber and fall of Kalanick.

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“Look, disruption can be a good thing — you invent something new and it’s useful for people — but it depends on at what cost,” Gordon-Levitt said.

“I think he was a really exciting guy to be around actually, and there’s good parts to that and bad parts to that,” he continued. “There’s probably some people who have done some pretty bad things in the world — like the president we elected in 2016 — who was pretty exciting to be around. But just because someone’s exciting to be around doesn’t mean they’re doing the right thing.”

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Colbert then played an old, never-aired clip from a 2015 episode of “The Late Show” in which his interview with Kalanick was interrupted by a heckler taking the CEO to task for his company’s negative effect on taxi drivers.

“What that guy is saying is fair,” Gordon-Levitt reacted. “There are laws in place that Uber was systematically breaking that are there to protect labour. And those laws are there for a reason and they should be there.”

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on Global.