Avril Lavigne’s iconic track “Sk8ter Boi” is being turned into a movie and now the singer tells ET Canada that fans can expect to see cameos from some of her famous friends.

“This is something that I’ve been working on for a while and I’m really excited,” she says during a sit-down interview with ET Canada.

Inspired by Lavigne’s own high school experience, the singer says she’s going to dive even deeper into the story of a teenage girl and her “sk8ter boi”.

“I took my high school experience, threw it into a song, and now we’re just gonna dive deeper. and it’s going to be an extension of this song and the message in it,” she says of the 2002 pop-punk mega-hit.

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While she hasn’t thought about who would star in the film just yet, Lavigne does promise some of her famous musician friends will make appearances in the movie.

“I am definitely hitting up my musician friends to make cameos in this because it would be really fun,” Lavigne says. “I was talking to Mark Hoppus the other day.  I was like, ‘Mark, you have to make a cameo in my ‘Sk8er Boi’ movie,’ and he was like, ‘I’m in!'”

And she already has an idea about who Hoppus could play.

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“I felt like he could be like, a cool teacher or something in it,” she says.

While it’s been 20 years since the song “Sk8ter Boi” was released, Lavigne, 37, says she’s still proud of it and all the songs she’s written across her seven albums including her latest, Love Sux.

“They came from me. I’ve written on all of my songs and all seven albums. I still love performing all my hits from over the years because it’s like, when you achieve that [with] my music taking off and at the level it did, that’s just so unique and special,” she says, adding, “And that’s something I’m really proud of.”