Don’t cross Hannah Waddingham or you’ll be hearing that bell.

The “Ted Lasso” star is on the latest episode of Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, and in the interview she reveals she got to keep her iconic bell from “Game of Thrones”.

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In the fantasy series, Waddingham played the nun, who in a climactic episode waltzed a naked Cersei through the capital while chanting “shame” and ringing a bell.

“Shame! Yes, I am,” Waddingham says, when asked about the role. “So don’t screw up otherwise I’ll get you with my bell. I’ve got my bell.”

Asked whether she still has the bell, the actress reveals, “I’ve got my bell. That’s when you know that you’re dead, in the show because they’re like here you are here is your hero prop.”

Waddingham also talks about her many wild adventures acting on-stage.

“I don’t even know where to start,” she says. “Essentially 25 years in London and here, I’ve been set fire to in mid-air on wires. In Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Wizard of Oz that we did at the London Palladium, I had a finger flash fire that would launch at the scarecrow down and the deck and set fire to him, he’d set off something, but my costume was completely black inky feathers and the finger flash didn’t go… and I moved my hand back onto the broomstick and my whole dress went on fire.”

She adds, “I went…mid-air. And how funny is this, that very day my beloved friend Clay Aiken was in the audience watching me and was like ahhh.”

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Finally, Waddingham talks about getting to star in the upcoming “Hocus Pocus” sequel, which brings back original stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.

“I would have paid them for the privilege. So I arrive for my costume fitting in Rhode Island and the second AD was like, ‘The ladies would love to meet you,’ and I was like, ‘Them? The witchy ladies?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah they’re just finishing up a scene, but if you’d like to come to set…’ and I was like, ‘Yes please,’ and got driven there and they came off set and there were Bette, Kathy, and Sarah Jessica Parker sitting there having their lunch in a little box like we all do on set in their costumes.”

She continues, “And I said I just wanted to come and quickly say hello and Bette was like, ‘Come and sit,’ and I was just like, ‘No, no, no you’re having your time, I get it it’s downtime.’ ‘No, no come and sit with us,’ and they were just so delicious and Bette was like well played, well played for this year and I thought, ‘I can’t even believe you know I exist, I can’t cope with it,’ it was just insane.”

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