“Gilmore Girls” fans got were a touch overzealous about Lauren Graham’s recent tweet.

Graham retweeted a GIF of her character, Lorelei, and Scott Paterson’s character Luke outside of Luke’s Diner. Fans took the retweet as a tease for an impending announcement. In 28 hours, Graham’s tweet generated more than 22,000 likes, 2,600 retweets and hundreds of comments.

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The “Gilmore Girls” actress hopped back on the social platform later that day to clear up any confusion.

Sweet Peoples: sorry for any confusion,” she wrote on Tuesday night. “I retweeted that clip because I thought it was fun but I have nothing ‘Gilmore Girls’-related to announce except that I continue to be bad at the internet and I continue to love you all.”

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“Gilmore Girls” ran for seven seasons between 2000 and 2007. It has won 19 awards including the American Film Institute’s TV Program of the Year in 2003, a Primetime Emmy Award in 2004, plus a 2002 Golden Globe Awards Best Actress nod for Graham.