Sarah Jessica Parker is taking a trip through memory lane.

The “And Just Like That…” actress sat down with Vogue for their “Life In Looks” segment on YouTube to break down her style from 1987 to December 2021.

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While some choices led Parker down a nostalgia trip – such as her iconic tutu look from “Sex And The City” – some of them, like her 2001 SAG Awards outfit, reminded her of the strong criticism she received at the time.

“Maybe some people think you don’t look amazing and that’s their right. The difference is that we all walk out the door, every single day – most of us try to make a choice that makes us feel good or like ourselves,” she said. “We don’t walk up to each other and go ‘ugh, awful.’ So what’s so funny to me about this is how much chatter it provokes.”

When it came to an outfit from the series finale for “Sex And The City”, the actress smiled wide.

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“Carrie was a much more courageous dresser than I am, much more fevered relationship with fashion, much more indulgent,” she commented. “I am much more of an observer most of the time. And then occasionally, I get to dip in and participate.”

Fans can watch her explain all 17 looks in the full video up top.