Ben Stiller revealed why he thinks his friend Pete Davidson is such a hit with the ladies as he chatted to Howard Stern on his show Wednesday.

The “Zoolander” actor was recently spotted at a New York Knicks game with Davidson and Jon Stewart, with Stern questioning him why “these women can’t stay away from” Davidson.

Stiller insisted the “Saturday Night Live” star is “having a moment,” calling him “an incredibly sweet guy” and “so personable.”

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The star went on, “He’s got such a charisma. He’s funny, he’s really funny, but he has become really famous, I think, for—” before Stern quipped, “Dating!”

“Yes,” Stiller responded. “And being on [‘SNL’].”

He shared, “I get the sense that he’s a guy who really loves to work, who cares about his work. And that’s how he’s going to be known. He’s got a lot of great work ahead of him, too.”

Stiller also praised Davidson’s ability to play himself on “SNL”.

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“It’s not that easy to just be that funny and interesting and likable,” he said. “He’s really taking his life and he’s turning it into material.”

Stiller replied when asked if Davidson’s fame had made it easier for him to be himself, “I think that’s why he became popular.

“People were attracted to watching him on the show, and he just has a real charm about him. I think he really wants to act, and he’s making movies and taking roles on that are real acting roles.”