Julia Garner is answering all your burning questions.

The “Inventing Anna” star joined “IMDb’s Burning Questions” to answer everything from meeting the real Anna Delvey to what would happen if Anna met her “Ozark” character Ruth Langmore.

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Garner went to meet the real-life Anna before production and was surprised.

“The thing that struck me… I really don’t even know really how to describe it – was how bubbly she was at moments, and how likable she was and how charming she was, and how quickly she can go from light to dark and dark to light in seconds,” Garner recalled.

Garner’s other hit role as Ruth Langmore on “Ozark” also came up, where she admitted she could hypothetically see Ruth and Anna being “best friends”.

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“I think Ruth & Anna would judge each other in the beginning because they’re from completely different worlds. They would start out not really liking each other but by the end of it maybe they’d be best friends. They both like activating people – that’s what they have in common” Garner said.

Both “Ozark” and “Inventing Anna” are on Netflix now.