Israeli-Canadian hockey player Eliezer Sherbatov is scared and trying to flee Ukraine after Russia declared war on the country.

The 30-year-old, who plays for HC Mariupol of the Ukrainian Hockey League, spoke to the Globe and Mail about the war, admitting Thursday: “We were supposed to have a game tonight.”

He shared, “Everything was fine until this morning. Then, boom!”

Sherbatov’s teammates, who are mostly Russian, have encouraged him to stay put.

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He shared how he was trying to make his way to the border with Poland.

“I am absolutely afraid for my life,” he told the publication over the phone.

Despite warnings, Sherbatov said the invasion still took people by surprise on Thursday.

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Sherbatov continued, “I have had mixed emotions. I have been crying. I have been angry. I have been disappointed. Just about everything.

“I have thought about the choice I made to come here. I am having the ‘should have, could haves.’ I just wanted to play hockey.”

He added of being desperate to return to Canada, “I have been writing the Canadian government but I have gotten no answers.

“I have asked, ‘What I should do? ‘Is the embassy open?’ ‘Can someone please help me?’ I get no help.”

Sherbatov said he’d spoken to his family in Montreal since the attack started, but insisted: “I am trying not to talk to them too much.

“It just causes more stress. All I want now is to get out of here.”