Joy Behar is being called out after offensive comments she made about the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday’s edition of “The View”.

During the episode, the show’s hosts shared their feelings about Russia declaring war on Ukraine.

Whoopi Goldberg admitted “my stomach was all, like tight” while watching the news reports. Sunny Hostin noted that “Estimates are 50,000 Ukrainians will be dead or wounded and this is going to start a refugee crisis in Europe. We’re talking about 5 million people that are going to be displaced. It’s heartbreaking to hear what is going to happen.”

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Behar, however, appeared to make light of the crisis in Ukraine, resulting in backlash online. “Well, I’m scared of what’s going to happen in Western Europe, too. You know, you plan a trip, you want to go there,” she said. “[I wanted] to go to Italy for four years. I haven’t been able to make it because of the pandemic — and now this. It’s like, what’s going to happen there, too?”

Behar was slammed on Twitter, with numerous people mocking her for griping about a deadly war hampering her vacation plans.