Gordon Ramsay is back with his savage cooking critiques.

The celebrity chef dropped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to talk about his new show “Next Level Chef”, but to also give Fallon some tips for his sandwich-making.

The host brought out a tray of ingredients and began assembling a bizarre sandwich which included turkey, onion, jalapenos and potato chips. Ramsay made horrified comments the entire time and put his face in his hands.

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When Fallon showed him the completed dish, which seemed to be falling apart, the chef gave him harsh feedback.

“When you lift up a sandwich and look at it, it should look edible. Yours looks like the inside of a f**king diaper,” said Ramsay.

He then gave the host one simple direction.

“Jimmy, get two slices of bread and stick them on your ears,” he directed. When Fallon put the bread on his face, Ramsay referenced the popular meme image from “Hell’s Kitchen” by saying, “You idiot sandwich. What are you?”

The 55-year-old is sure to give out more harsh reviews on his new television show “Next Level Chef”, which he revealed came about as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chef Gordon Ramsay during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon – (Photo: Jamie McCarthy/NBC
Chef Gordon Ramsay during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon – (Photo: Jamie McCarthy/NBC

“You know how tough it’s been for the restaurant business for the last two years. So I said ‘look, let’s treat this moment as a grassroots, let’s start developing new ideas, let’s start reopening these restaurants with new fresh ideas,'” he explained. “For the first time ever we put professional chefs, social media chefs, and then amateur chefs into one arena.”

The new show places the chefs on different floors with varying qualities of cooking tools, connected by one elevator which brings the ingredients and food.

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“This platform descends down, you grab your ingredients, you cook ad hoc, with a very spontaneous insight, and you create across 45 minutes,” he continued. “You cook your way to the very top.”

“Next Level Chef” premiered on Jan. 2 and is currently airing on Fox.