Sophia Bush is opening up about one of her biggest social gaffes.

The “One Tree Hill” alumni revealed on “The Drew Barrymore Show” she had a chance to become friends with Rihanna after they met at a dinner.

“Years ago, when I was doing ‘One Tree Hill,’ my character was becoming a fashion designer, so I was coming to fashion week here and meeting with all these people and learning about what they do for research,” she recalled. “And I went to this dinner and Rihanna comes to this dinner and we sit next to each other and she’s like, ‘Your show’s cool.'”

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As the two chatted, Bush even managed to get Rihanna’s digits.

“We’re chatting, she gives me her phone number, which I input in my Blackberry at the time and I never texted her,” Sophia continued. “And then that photo you showed, I saw her at an event years later and she was like, ‘How have you been? I never heard from you.’ And I was like oh my God I ghosted Rihanna, what is wrong with me. But I just am like, what am I gonna text her, ‘Hey girl.’ I don’t know how to talk to her.”

Barrymore revealed she had her own socially awkward moment when she never followed up on an invite to “make soup” with Oprah.

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“What if we ask Rihanna and Oprah for a redo?” she asked the actress, who responded positively.

“We’ll just be like ‘hey, ladies. The awkward girls are here,'” Bush laughed.

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