John Oliver was a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” last week, and pre-recorded a brief bit called “Food Court”, in which he discusses British cuisine.

The “Last Week Tonight” host contends that British food does not have the greatest reputation, and asks viewers to avoid “pre-judging it based on jokes you heard in the 1970s.”

However, Oliver admits that criticism of British food when he was growing up in the ’70s was “warranted — warranted in a way you wouldn’t [bleep]ing believe. It was bad.”

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However, Oliver makes the argument that U.K. cuisine has improved since then — in some areas — sharing his thoughts on Indian food, Scotch eggs and sticky toffee pudding, which he insists is “a great dessert.”

He then compared American breakfasts to their American counterparts, particularly black pudding vs. sausage patties. “It is a race to the bottom,” he admitted before sharing how he makes the ideal cup of tea.

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