Amanda Seyfried stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to reminisce about her first big red carpet event.

While appearing on the late night show to promote her new Hulu limited series “The Dropout”, the 36-year-old actress talked about walking Thursday’s red carpet for the show’s premiere, which she said was “the biggest one [she’s] been to” in “a really long time.”

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Kimmel then reminded Seyfried of her interesting fashion choices from 2004 by pulling out a photo from her first major premiere for “Mean Girls”, which she starred in as Karen Smith.

“I did not have a stylist. I used the only money I had to buy a dress, but there were two premieres and so I had to buy two dresses because you wear different dresses,” she explained.

The TV host was prepared and proceeded to pull out another photo that captured the fashion fail Seyfried made while wearing her second dress to the film’s following premiere.

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“I didn’t know any of the rules, so I was wearing a white bra and black underwear and no slip,” the actress noted about the photo in which her bra is visibly noticeable beneath the dress. “I paid $600 for that dress. I couldn’t even afford a ride home, no, I’m kidding. I didn’t have a publicist. I didn’t have a stylist. I did my own makeup. Humble beginnings.”

Jimmy Kimmel and Amanda Seyfried- Photo: Instagram/ JimmyKimmelLive
Jimmy Kimmel and Amanda Seyfried- Photo: Instagram/ JimmyKimmelLive

Later, during the Friday interview, Kimmel joked about going through Seyfried’s stuff as he presented yet another photo of the star, this time as a little girl.

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Seyfried was “floored” and “genuinely surprised” by the old photo of herself that “weirdly” looked just like biotechnology entrepreneur, Elizabeth Holmes, whom she plays in “The Dropout”. Kimmel held up the side-by-side images to demonstrate just how similar Seyfried and Holmes look. In both photos, the two women have their hair slicked back and are wearing the exact same style dress.

“I believe in the universe giving you a little nudge,” Seyfried said.