Ruth Wilson is looking back on her time working on “The Affair” before her sudden departure in 2018. 

The actress played Alison Bailey in the series, which also starred Dominic West.

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In a new interview with The Sunday Times, the actress described filming sex series for the series as “horrible”.

“Since #MeToo… intimacy coaches are really scientific about sex scenes,” she noted. “But before nothing would be said. It would be about making it up as you go along.”

Wilson continued, “No one wanted to discuss [sex scenes], so the actors were invariably left to create something on the day and that’s desperately awkward. It’s a horrible place to be.”


Wilson also said that filming sex scenes that didn’t seem authentic felt “exploitative”.

The 40-year-old star reportedly left “The Affair” due to a “toxic” work environment.

At the time, sources told The Hollywood Reporter  that Wilson wasn’t happy with how often bosses asked her to shoot nude scenes.

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The Insiders claimed that she was “often asked to be unclothed in scenes where there seemed to be no clear creative rationale for the nudity other than for it to be ‘titillating.’”

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