Eddie Vedder is “grateful” to be back on stage after recovering from what he calls a “pretty serious” bout of COVID-19.

Returning to his solo tour after postponing several dates due to a rise in infections, Vedder told a Los Angeles crowd about his illness.

“I just wanted to take a quick second to look at this, because it’s very rare,” Vedder told the crowd during a show at L.A.’s YouTube Theater. “It’s incredible. I got the COVID right before we were supposed to start practicing, probably five, six weeks ago, and literally saw my life flash in front of my eyes.”

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Explaining it “felt pretty serious”, Vedder said “To get through that and then be back in a room like this, facing this many people facing this way, listening to us play music for you is really, truly, it’s been a gift and an honour. Thanks for listening. We’re so grateful.”

Fans captured Vedder’s remarks following a performance of “My Father’s Daughter” by his daughter Olivia.