Golda Rosheuvel says her role in “Bridgerton” isn’t her first brush with royalty.

The actress portrays Queen Charlotte on the hit period drama from Netflix, but she revealed in an interview for Tatler‘s April issue that she had a connection to the Royal family prior to show.

“I didn’t need to do much research because I knew the world this character came from already – it was my mother’s world and that makes her very easy to play,” said Rosheuval. “Every time I dress up as Queen Charlotte, I pay homage to my mother. [She came from an] upper-middle-class London family.”

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In fact, it wasn’t just her mother who had connections to the upper class, it was her entire family.

“My grandfather was the headmaster of Colet Court [St Paul’s prep school], my great-uncle was Bishop of Barbados, later Archbishop of Jamaica, and when my mother visited him there, she had dinner with Princess Margaret,” she shared.

Golda Rosheuvel – Photo: Carla Guler
Golda Rosheuvel – Photo: Carla Guler
Golda Rosheuvel – Photo: Carla Guler
Golda Rosheuvel – Photo: Carla Guler
Golda Rosheuvel – Photo: Carla Guler
Golda Rosheuvel – Photo: Carla Guler

So the role of Queen Charlotte came naturally to the 52-year-old and it’s one she’s been preparing for all her life.

“I’m a great believer in waiting, in biding my time, being confident enough in my craft and who I am as a person to know that it will happen, that one day someone would see me and go, ‘Right, you are perfect for playing the Queen of England,’” added Rosheuvel.

While she may have a connection to the Royal family, she said that playing a member of the aristocracy hasn’t changed how she thinks of them.

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“I like to see the royals as human beings, trying to live a life, and I think we often miss that,” explained the actress. “They’re set at a height of perceived unattainability, but to me they’re just guys and gals trying to live their lives in the best way they can.”

As for “Bridgerton,” which returns for a second season on March 25 – she said she couldn’t wait to start filming again.

“It was like family getting back together. Our favourite scenes are the ball scenes because it’s the only time we’re all together and you get to catch up on people’s children, their husbands, their dogs,” shared Rosheuvel. “The directors find it quite difficult with everybody chat, chat, chatting away. They’re like, ‘Come on!'”

The April issue of Tatler is available on newsstands and via digital download on March 3.