Simon Cowell really doesn’t like trapeze acts.

On Monday’s “AGT: Extreme”, the show featured the trapeze artists the Flying Royals, but the show’s star judge wasn’t into it.

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Asked if he was excited before the performance, Cowell said, “Not really,” adding, “I’m not a huge fan of trapeze acts. They used to bore me as a child.”

Just as the act was about to start, he sarcastically said, “Whoopee.”

Photo: Eliza Morse/NBC
Photo: Eliza Morse/NBC

As for the performance itself, the Flying Royals demonstrated their unique skill, claiming to be the only criss-crossing trapeze act in the world, amazingly avoiding mid-air collisions.

However, the act didn’t go off without a hitch, as one of the members fumbled and fell upon the safety net below.

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Cowell yawned during the performance, completely unimpressed.

“The best thing was one of you fell down, if I’m being honest,” Cowell said, also criticizing the group’s “interchangeable” matching white outfits and adding that there was “not much personality” in the performance.

“I’m trying to find things we’ve never seen before,” Cowell added. “You’re going to hate me, but I’m going to kick this off with a no.”

Despite Cowell’s protestations, the other judges won out in the end, praising the performance and voting the Flying Royals through to the next round.

“We do have more up our sleeve, you will not be disappointed,” one of the Flying Royals promised.