Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo have an excellent idea for a “13 Going on 30” sequel.

The pair, who have been promoting their new movie “The Adam Project”, spoke about the beloved movie during an interview on “Good Morning America”.

Garner shared, “It doesn’t [feel like it’s been 18 years], but at the same time it really does.”

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The pair were also given their favourite candy in the movie, Razzles, during Tuesday’s chat.

The hosts then asked where the duo’s characters Jenna Rink and Matt Flamhaff would be now, with them joking they’d probably have a son who looked like Ryan Reynolds — just like in their latest flick.

Garner then said that with them playing husband and wife in “The Adam Project”, “It really adds to the feeling of the movie and it really does feel like a continuation [of the movie].”

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Ruffalo joked, “It’s like Matty and Jenna tied the knot… again.”

When asked why it had taken them nearly 20 years to reunite on screen, Ruffalo smiled: “It’s kinda crazy. I don’t know, but now would be a great time to make a sequel to ’13 Going on 30′.”

“Yeah, we were thinking maybe ’50 Going on 80’,” Garner joked.