Playing the Riddler was difficult in some unexpected ways for Paul Dano.

On Monday night, the star of “The Batman” appeared on “The Tonight Show” and talked to Jimmy Fallon about his take on the villain’s dark new costume.

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“There ain’t any green spandex in this one,” Dano said, adding that he and director Matt Reeves wanted it to be a more “home-grown costume.”

Part of that involved Paul Dano wrapping himself in cling wrap, which on the first day of shooting he quickly realized wasn’t the greatest idea.

He described that he “started to see white and colours,” on the set, but didn’t want to be the person complaining on the first day.

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“I got home that night and I was probably googling ‘brain swelling’ in my bed,” he said.

Thankfully, when he got back to set the next day, they found the solution was to poke holes in the wrapping to let it breathe.

Dano also advised anyone looking for a Halloween costume later this year, “Maybe skip the cling wrap.”