Russell Wilson spares no expense for his body.

On Tuesday night, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and his wife Ciara appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and was asked whether it’s true that he spends $1 million a year to keep fit.

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“Yeah, it’s a process. It’s a lifestyle. I think, when you are trying to play as long as I’m trying to play — I’m trying to play until I’m 45,” Wilson explained. “Yeah, for me the mentality, the focus level, everything you have to do has to be surrounded by that. It’s been an amazing journey for me so far.”

Asked whether she finds her husband’s commitment to his body annoying, Ciara said, “No, I’m in it with him.”

Wilson also shared that he’s currently in the middle of a 10-day challenge to stay away from dairy, gluten, and red meat, but it’s been difficult because Ciara has been, “rubbing it in, eating Philly cheesesteaks in my face.”

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The couple also talked about their competitiveness and how cutthroat their late-night games of pickleball can get.

We are both competitive by nature so I think we kind of use that to push each other,” Ciara said.

“The problem is, she starts dancing if she beats me,” Wilson said.

“I kind of like to rub it in a little,” Ciara admitted.