Sam Heughan is keeping fit and looking great.

The star of W Network’s “Outlander” is in the new issue of Men’s Health, and in it he talks about everything from the show’s upcoming sixth season, to his growing fashion sense and signing up for an ultra-marathon.

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Talking about getting back to shooting season 6 of “Outlander”, the actor says, We were shooting in winter in Scotland, which is freezing cold, so it was pretty tough, but a really good sense of humour gets you through it.”

He adds, “The first few days of shooting are kind of unsettling. It feels like you’re in this post-apocalyptic world, but to be honest, once you get on set, you just feel so lucky to be able to work and to be kept safe and to hopefully provide some entertainment. I was actually shooting [‘Text for You’] as well in London. To be honest, working on that movie and ‘Outlander’ got me through the pandemic.

Asked if he could give a preview of his character’s arc this season, Heughan says, “To tease the season, Jamie’s past comes back to haunt him, an old adversary in the shape of a man called Tom Christie.”

Photo: Romo for Men’s Health
Photo: Romo for Men’s Health

Opening up about his sharp fashion sense on the red carpet, Heughan admits that’s a pretty new thing for him.

“I think it’s safe to say that before ‘Outlander’, I didn’t really have a sense of style. I just wore stuff that I was comfortable in,” he explains. “But since ‘Outlander’, I’ve been very lucky to get to learn about fashion through these photo shoots and red carpet appearances.”

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He continues, “My style has definitely changed in the past few years. I’ve experimented more. I do love a leather jacket. I probably have far too many in my wardrobe. I spend a lot of time in Scotland, and the weather isn’t great, and I’m in the outdoors a lot, so I tend to wear a lot of boots, and blue jeans. I guess that’s my standard outfit. I need my clothes to be versatile, adapt to the weather, and adapt to whatever I’m doing that day.”

With his 42nd birthday coming up in April, Hough also talks about his goals for the next year.

“I used to do a lot of cycling when I was younger, and I haven’t been doing it recently. So I’m looking to get myself a road bike and take it up again. Also, I don’t know if it’s foolish, but I signed up for an ultra marathon in Scotland, so that’s gonna be a challenge for me.”

“Outlander” returns Sunday, March 6, on W Network.