Courteney Cox is spilling the tea on the elaborate way she first started to date Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid.

The “Friends” actress dropped by Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show and revealed it was a group effort to coordinate her first date with McDaid.

The 57-year-old says Ed Sheeran was a frequent guest at her Sunday hangouts. At one of the gatherings, he asked Cox if he could invite guests of his own.

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“Ed said, ‘can I have some friends over this week?’ and I said of course,” Cox explained, via Billboard. “He invited Johnny, Gary Lightbody, both of them from Snow Patrol, Taylor Swift… some great musicians and they all came over and I had a fun group anyway: Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher, Jennifer [Aniston] was there, it was just one of these fun weekends.”

Despite some of these friends staying over and exchanging numbers, the host found herself not one of them.

“This is worse than not getting nominated [for an Emmy for ‘Friends’]… and I remember seeing Johnny and going, ‘Oh wow, he’s really intense, he’s got those eyes and he was playing the piano and I thought, ‘he’s really, really handsome,'” she admitted.

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Cox then recounted how a series of mixed signals resulted in her getting her date.

At a screening for a movie she directed in 2013, she overheard Fisher encourage a mutual friend to flirt with McDaid.

“And I went, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa, Isla what are you doing? If anybody’s gonna try to flirt with Johnny – what’s wrong with me?” she recalled.

Fisher then told her husband “Borat” actor Cohen about Cox’s interest in the musician.

In a bold move, Cohen went up to his British friends and announced, “Hey, Courteney wants to f**k one of you from Snow Patrol and it’s not you, Gary.”

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Apparently, Harry Styles overheard the conversation and gently encouraged McDaid to call her.

“‘If you don’t ask her out’… I think he threatened to do something crazy like… I don’t remember but it was pretty bad,” Cox said.

They went on their first date a week later.

The happy couple has now been dating for eight years and shows no signs of stopping.

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